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10 Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Razor Blades


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10 Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Razor Blades Double Edge

EAN : 073982207705 

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Reviews: 9

Date Added: 02/01/2014 by ALAN
Not a bad blade at all. Gave me a pretty decent shave, felt sharp and smooth. Very good value for mo...

Date Added: 01/11/2014 by Chris
Not bad blade but not for my face.

Date Added: 12/08/2013 by ALAN
This is a great blade!

Date Added: 09/08/2013 by Phillip
Attractive packaging, just not great blades.

Date Added: 07/24/2013 by Rudy
Good, but I expected more, given the price.

Date Added: 06/04/2013 by IOANNIS
Very nice blade.It gave me an irritation free and very smooth shave.

Date Added: 03/20/2013 by marco
Fantastica! I was impressed with this blade, and to do this 5 stars! I do not think I could get a cl...

Date Added: 07/09/2012 by James
these blades give me a few very decent shaves, quite ridgid blade, very smooth and sharp. would buy ...

Date Added: 06/11/2012 by James
very good shave, not the sharpest blades but very smooth and extremly forgiving for me, the first fe...

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