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5 Perma-Sharp double edge razor blades


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5 Double edge razor blades 

Super Sharp 


Excellent Quality 

Madein Russia by Gilette 


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Reviews: 34

Date Added: 05/04/2016 by Navtej Sidhu
One of my favorite blades. These are sharper than Polsilver blades but not as sharp as Feather blade...

Date Added: 03/31/2015 by Predrag Srdjenovic (Bican)
Very good blade, but not my favorite!

Date Added: 11/29/2014 by FABRIZIO
One fo the best blade on the shelf: smooth, sharp, long lasting. IMHO it's a must to try them.

Date Added: 06/18/2014 by Faustino
Muy buen producto. Ofrece unos afeitados magníficos y aguanta unos cuantos usos sin perder el poder...

Date Added: 03/28/2014 by Pedro
Very close to the best Gillettes at a slightly lower price. Very sharp and very easy on your face.

Date Added: 01/14/2014 by Dragos
I found them to be just average.

Date Added: 08/24/2013 by Raymond
Excellent blades for tough beard shave.

Date Added: 05/19/2013 by Amit
Excellent blade. No nicks and cuts. Will buy again once my pack is almost over!

Date Added: 04/17/2013 by Marcel
Good blades lasted the week,ok price..Needs more experimentation...Worth a try..

Date Added: 03/21/2013 by marco
These blades are great, they have everything to be among the best, perhaps one of the best 5-6 blade...

Date Added: 03/19/2013 by Antonino
Excellent service, Very good blades.

Date Added: 02/01/2013 by Juan
Cuchillas excelentes, no son las mejores, pero son buenas, lastima del precio. Son tan buenas que la...

Date Added: 12/22/2012 by Flaviano
Sharp and smooth. A very good choice.

Date Added: 10/17/2012 by Heikki
Very sharp blades, quite near Feather. Perma-Sharp blades are very longevity too. I can get 5-6 exce...

Date Added: 08/03/2012 by Juan
Very good blades, sharp as smooth, I got 5 decent shaves.

Date Added: 06/20/2012 by Mikael
very good on me smooth and sharp blades.

Date Added: 06/12/2012 by Paolo
I have tryed this blades, gentle on the skin, but more sharp without irritation. Seems sister of As...

Date Added: 06/03/2012 by ALAN
Great blade and gave me a superb shave! 10/10

Date Added: 05/01/2012 by Malcolm
These are very good blades for the buck.

Date Added: 04/28/2012 by Manuel
Not so sharp as others nor so durable, but still a good blade with a fair quality control

Date Added: 04/23/2012 by James
sharp as heck and seem to last a solid 4 shaves

Date Added: 03/09/2012 by Peter
I really like this blade, very nice, we have clicked, happy days.

Date Added: 01/14/2012 by VICTOR P. (United States)
Good service, but the blades don't do as well as I hoped on blemished skin.

Date Added: 01/09/2012 by Mark H. (United States)
I love the Perma Sharp Blades and the Alum Block! The brush was a little scratchy and primitive but ...

Date Added: 01/05/2012 by Choon Beng Y.(Singapore)
These are sharp but not feather sharp. If you are looking for sharp blades, your blade should end he...

Date Added: 11/10/2011 by Colin Graham Giles
Very good, sharp blades. Worth the extra money over some of the cheaper ones.

Date Added: 10/30/2011 by Johann K.(Germany)
sharp blade, but not as enduring, as the name wants to say. value for money is ok, but not superb

Date Added: 10/29/2011 by Daniel Malcolm
Great blade. One of two that I use as goto blades. First shave with the blade can feel a little roug...

Date Added: 08/17/2011 by Harry Wilson
Best blade to date that I have tried. Like them so much I ordered 100.

Date Added: 05/11/2011 by Ronnie H.(Sweden)
Very sharp and smooth, gives a close shave everytime. One of my top 5 blades.

Date Added: 05/11/2011 by Ronnie H.(Sweden)
Very sharp and smooth, gives a close shave everytime. One of my top 5 blades.

Date Added: 03/21/2011 by Tibi R. (Romania)
Premium product! These are very sharp and smooth blades. A must try!

Date Added: 03/19/2011 by Thomas P. **(United States)**
Very Sharp and provides a close comfortable shave.

Date Added: 03/19/2011 by Ivan Z.**(Bulgaria)**
These are top class blades, both in sharpness and smoothness. I find them as sharp as Iridium Super,...

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 August, 2010.