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Alum block 70 gr (green pack)


  • Model: Alumgreen
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Used after shave to alleviate the skin irritation. 70 gr.


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  • Model: Alumgreen
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Reviews: 44

Date Added: 09/28/2014 by Nick
Good alum block for the price.

Date Added: 08/06/2014 by Donovan
Works excellent and is sooooo cheap, I have used this for 9 months and I bet it is 25% gone.

Date Added: 12/06/2013 by william
Works well to stop any bleeding and will last for ever at the rate I use it.

Date Added: 11/25/2013 by PÃ¥l Bech
Great, small alum block.. I use it for when i travel. I think it will last a very long time.. Recome...

Date Added: 11/17/2013 by Guy
vale muy bien como anti transpirante (olores a sudor) pena que sea un compuesto y no la oiedra natur...

Date Added: 10/22/2013 by Severin
Cheap, but does its thing, as it should :-)

Date Added: 09/16/2013 by Mark
Really refreshing after a shave. Packaging and finish could be nicer but other than that, good value...

Date Added: 07/13/2013 by Joseph
I use this after every shave, wouldn't do without it.

Date Added: 06/04/2013 by IOANNIS
Alum block is the best way to finish a shave.Does really good on my skin after shaving.JUST GREAT!

Date Added: 04/19/2013 by Martijn
Good product,works fine.cheap price!!

Date Added: 04/02/2013 by ROGER
Perfect alum block without the high price.

Date Added: 03/28/2013 by KWONSUN
alum blocks are great to use after a shave . just splash your face with cold water after a shave , ...

Date Added: 02/18/2013 by Bruce
This is the first alum block that I have ever used so I'll give it 4 stars. Maybe there's better one...

Date Added: 02/04/2013 by Erik
Great value. Worst part is the site spams you until you review your item and then forces you to writ...

Date Added: 01/05/2013 by Alex
Works and is cheap as chips! 5 stars :)

Date Added: 01/03/2013 by Pauli
It's well priced alumn block what can i say, alumn is alum exept some stores charge you four times a...

Date Added: 12/22/2012 by Martijn
Good working Alumblock and very cheap,works as good as the more expensive blocks!

Date Added: 11/21/2012 by Mitchell
Much less expensive than other places and a bargain when you order other things to offset shipping.

Date Added: 11/08/2012 by Neil
Just as good as those that are available here in the UK, but at a fraction of the cost.

Date Added: 11/04/2012 by Michael
Great price and works exactly as advertised :)

Date Added: 11/04/2012 by Sai
Great product, highly recommended. The block is much smaller than I was expecting, but despite the s...

Date Added: 10/01/2012 by RICARDO
Excellent alum block!

Date Added: 09/27/2012 by Glen
Perfect alum block without the high price. Every shaver should have one

Date Added: 09/15/2012 by William
This is a very good product at an excellent price

Date Added: 09/09/2012 by Andrea
Good and cheap alum block, a post shave must

Date Added: 08/18/2012 by Joseph
Great value, nice handy size and the block will last a long long time.

Date Added: 07/14/2012 by ALAN
Unbeatable value! Some vendors charge the earth for Alum but not Best Shave!

Date Added: 06/27/2012 by Kelly
works great. best price I could find. should last a long time.

Date Added: 06/16/2012 by VICTOR
Block was small but good. Next time I'll get a larger one.

Date Added: 06/12/2012 by Wajahat
Love this stuff. Will be ordering more.

Date Added: 06/03/2012 by Troy
I've used the more expensive Block Osma and the Razo Rock stick and have found this product to be as...

Date Added: 05/01/2012 by Malcolm
Don't shave without one of these.

Date Added: 04/27/2012 by Ying Qian
It is extremely good product. Help to stop weepers and nicks and is a good antistringent... awesome ...

Date Added: 04/23/2012 by Anthony
excellent value for the money larger than most other alum blocks. Should last for months. Many thank...

Date Added: 04/10/2012 by Jennifer
This is a wonderful product for after you've shaved... a dab of water on the block, and slick it ov...

Date Added: 04/06/2012 by Alexis
Good product... And really cheap!!

Date Added: 03/04/2012 by Craig
This alum block is an excellent value and performs equally as well as other alum blocks that cost 10...

Date Added: 02/07/2012 by Joshua
A very good product. Perfect size for a travel kit and lasts a very long time. Alum is refreshing af...

Date Added: 02/02/2012 by Andrew
Handy size at a decent price.

Date Added: 01/09/2012 by Peter D. (Ireland)
Very good alum block for this modest price. Recommended.

Date Added: 11/08/2011 by Gavin S. (Australia)
A great buy. I like my Bloc Osma alum better but it's much more expensive. Ordered a few of these an...

Date Added: 08/27/2011 by Jim W.(United Kingdom)
I rub this block on my wet finger tips before picking up my STR8 razor...provides excellent grip. Al...

Date Added: 05/26/2011 by Marcos Ferraz
I can summarize with little words, for he is an excellent product. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 05/11/2011 by Ronnie H.(Sweden)
A great block of alum for a perfect price, you can't go wrong with this one.

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