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Super Slim straight razor stainless steel

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I am quite happy with this razor which is why I ordered 3! The design is simple and really no frills. The constructions is not fancy but the razor is durable so it is by no means a flimsy product. It is good to be able to have such a cheap product that has the durability to last a long time. The down side is the blade installation, for which there is a learning curve. This is what I have to offer for those who are considering this razor or intimidated by it:-
1. When new, pass a pin through it several times to loosen it up.
2. Remember to break of the 2 tabs on the half blade.
3. Before inserting the blade, run the razor under hot water for a few seconds, this helps to expand the metal just a little.
4. Insert the blade.
5. You will need a hard surface to adjust the blade reveal a little.
After one of 2 times its not that difficult:)
Date Added: 05/09/2013 by Hardev