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Super Slim straight razor stainless steel

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Again, others have said it before me, but: nice shavette style razor for the price. (Note: a "shavette" is a straight style razor which uses DE (Gillette style) blades, which must be inserted. Carefully. The video seems to have fled, so, here's how I do it: 1) get half blades, or cut a DE blade in half-it's not hard. 2) holding the razor in your non-dominant hand (in my case the left, as I'm right handed), and the blade in your other hand, very carefully and gently slide it in, along the length of the blade holder. This is easier than it sounds; the key is to hold the blade so *only a small amount of metal protrudes beyond your fingertip*. This minimizes the chance of bendage or breakage, both of which could cause injury, so do this **carefully**, and do not force it-finesse is your friend. 3) Thank whatever deity you like that you didn't hurt yourself, and 4) lather up and shave. One star off for lack of video, as the item description says there is one, but absent that minor annoyance, would have given five stars; it's cheap and effective.
Date Added: 11/23/2012 by Thomas