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Copper shaving cup/bowl [coppercup]

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I never expected to lather in the seat of luxury. I always thought my $0.70 Wal-Mart plastic guacamole bowl was IT. That was the end, the top of the heap. But after I got this my whole world changed. Almost 5 times more expensive than the guacamole bowl, you get a premium shiny metal cup richly decorated in the scientifically thinnest layer of copper possible. A marvel of engineering and science indeed!

Flamboyancy aside this cup is a great deal. The size and shape are ideal for lathering shaving soap to where it's deep enough to hold lots of lather but wide enough to where the brush handle doesn't clink and clank while you're working it. All this while being perfectly comfortable in the palm of your hand. The handle is also very functional: if you stick your thumb in it while lathering the bowl can't slip out of your hands (a problem I've had with other metal bowls that lack handles).
Date Added: 10/22/2014 by Michael