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Professional Shaving brushes no:1

$9.75  $8.50
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  • Model: ProfessionalBrush1

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Professional Shaving brushes no:1 Hand made Excellent quality Stand not included Diametre Mm :29 Sortie Mm :68 ------------------------- Diameter Inches :1,17 Length Inches :2,69

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  • Model: ProfessionalBrush1
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Reviews: 51

Date Added: 11/21/2015 by Thornley Wehling
My favorite at-home brush. Large, full & creates a great load of lather with great coverage (for hor...

Date Added: 12/14/2014 by Saul
Excellent brush. Works up a good lather. Probably bigger than necessary. Certainly can't argue with ...

Date Added: 12/12/2014 by Ann
Very nice brush for a very reasonable cost. My customers like it very much.

Date Added: 10/26/2014 by Brian
Very good value. Brush is dense & produces a good lather. No bristle loss after several weeks of use...

Date Added: 10/24/2014 by Leonard
This brush is a great value. Just got mine a few days ago. I'm breaking it in now and if you don't m...

Date Added: 09/28/2014 by James
Very well made brush . Makes a great lather . Can`t go wrong at the price . shipped quickly Bestshav...

Date Added: 09/28/2014 by Clifford
Very well made brush,I use it more as a neck duster but can also be used for shaving

Date Added: 09/21/2014 by James
Love this brush it can really work up a beautiful lather .

Date Added: 09/09/2014 by Tzanko
I gave it 5 stars because I don't mind the size. The brush is big but it whips a lather in no time. ...

Date Added: 05/29/2014 by Tim
I use this everyday. I prefer it over my badger brush because it creates amazing lather.

Date Added: 05/11/2014 by HÃ¥kan
Like the brush, it was bigger than I thought. Makes a great lather.

Date Added: 12/06/2013 by william
I may not be fair to this brush because I'm used to badger but I can't get it to work for me creatin...

Date Added: 10/22/2013 by Ali
Very big brush good for soap and cream

Date Added: 09/15/2013 by Thomas
This is a terrific brush! BIG--Whips up and holds a ton of lather

Date Added: 08/25/2013 by Francisco
Estupenda, aunque para mi gusto excesivamente grande, pero es ideal para hacer abundante espuma con ...

Date Added: 08/24/2013 by Richard
This brush has been in my rotation since I bought it a year or more ago. The brush has backbone and ...

Date Added: 08/18/2013 by Peter
Terrific brush for the price. It's taken over from all my other, much more expensive, brushes. Reall...

Date Added: 07/31/2013 by Richard
For an inexpensive brush, these are top drawer. Good backbone and very soft tips make them lather we...

Date Added: 06/25/2013 by Benjamin
A little too floppy but works ok

Date Added: 06/16/2013 by Adam
If you love HUGE brushes, and horsehair brushes, and simple, rustic style, and incredible value for ...

Date Added: 06/01/2013 by Brad
I love this rather large brush.. I like it as well or better than my Omega 48 or 98... great wooden ...

Date Added: 05/16/2013 by Gabriel
I like this brush, altough it has a very distinctive glue mark on the knot, who also opens strangely...

Date Added: 05/09/2013 by william
Well made large brush.

Date Added: 05/09/2013 by Vincent
excellent brush, very quick delivery thank you will order again

Date Added: 05/09/2013 by william
Very well made large brush.

Date Added: 04/16/2013 by Richard
It looks, and is, huge! It performs as well as ANY shave brush I own. It is surprisingly soft and ge...

Date Added: 04/12/2013 by Fabiano
Big and soft!!! It makes you feel in a turkish barbershop!!!

Date Added: 03/19/2013 by Antonino
It's a big and good brush for its price.

Date Added: 11/23/2012 by Thomas
A truly enormous brush-possibly oversize, even. Makes immense amounts of lather, commensurate to its...

Date Added: 11/15/2012 by Richard
Best I can say is...terrific! A huge boar bristle brush with a good backbone. It is very controllabl...

Date Added: 11/05/2012 by Carlos
Good product. Very Good product

Date Added: 10/29/2012 by Brian
Fantastic brush. Very big, but holds a lot of lather. Whips up enough for face and head, multiple pa...

Date Added: 10/26/2012 by leonardo
muy bueno...de construccion excelente,,si fuera un poco mas denso,yo creo que tendria el monopolio d...

Date Added: 10/23/2012 by Katherine
I bought the #1 in red for leg shaving and like it quite well. I wish it were more dense (when wet, ...

Date Added: 09/27/2012 by Glen
This is the shit. these are top notch brushes that they are giving away IMO. I like these bushes bet...

Date Added: 08/13/2012 by Ronaldo
This brush is undoubtably one of my favorites. The smell was totally expected but tolerable and afte...

Date Added: 07/10/2012 by Paolo
It's surely an amazing and well done brush

Date Added: 05/01/2012 by Malcolm
Not what I expected after the No. 6. Whole different brush. If you like an extreme exfoliater, give...

Date Added: 04/28/2012 by Manuel
After a long period of washing and breaking the bristles it lost the horse smell and now it is a sce...

Date Added: 04/27/2012 by Jean
Its a good brush for its price..

Date Added: 04/20/2012 by Rene
This is the biggest shaving brush I ever saw, even bigger than Omega proffesional series!!! It's gr...

Date Added: 04/09/2012 by marta
A big brush that works in a excellent way.

Date Added: 03/15/2012 by Claudio
Fantastic Brushe with a low price.

Date Added: 03/05/2012 by Jennifer
B I G -- Brush, Ladies? perfect for your legs! This is a must have for large areas where lather is t...

Date Added: 02/11/2012 by Joshua
Well made brush with plenty of back bone. It will coax Williams soap into a heady lather! I use this...

Date Added: 01/31/2012 by Michael
This item is fantastic value and perfoms very favourably in comparison with my silvertip badger brus...

Date Added: 01/09/2012 by PPeter D. (Ireland)
Excellent large brush. Great for lathering a "reluctant" soap. Maybe too big to be practical always,...

Date Added: 11/27/2011 by DANEAL A(Singapore)
good BIG brush! does its job pretty well and well worth the price!

Date Added: 11/23/2011 by Harry F.(United States)
...massive brush...... great deal.... good see a good price on a shaving brush.....

Date Added: 10/01/2011 by Peter C.(United Kingdom)
This is a good brush, high quality and does its job well. But its too big for my needs. This brush i...

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 27 November, 2010.