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Super Slim straight razor stainless steel


Super Slim straight razor stainless steel usage for professionel.

How to insert the razor blades? Please see video


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Reviews: 21

Date Added: 01/14/2014 by Eric
For how simple the design is. It acts very closely as a real razor in the since that the inserted bl...

Date Added: 12/06/2013 by william
It works fine. No problem loading the blade.

Date Added: 06/25/2013 by Benjamin
Snapped de blades can sometimes be bent and a little difficult to insert. Good otherwise though!

Date Added: 06/04/2013 by Shane
Too light a little hard to slide in the blade but excellent for the price

Date Added: 05/09/2013 by Hardev
I am quite happy with this razor which is why I ordered 3! The design is simple and really no frills...

Date Added: 04/10/2013 by KWONSUN
first off thank you Thomas for taking the time to write how to insert the blade , to my surprise i ...

Date Added: 01/03/2013 by Pauli
Difficult to insert the blade but once it is inserted this is a good shavette. I use this to trim my...

Date Added: 12/13/2012 by john
quality razor... simple as that!!

Date Added: 11/23/2012 by Thomas
Again, others have said it before me, but: nice shavette style razor for the price. (Note: a "shavet...

Date Added: 11/05/2012 by john
for the price you cant complain, but did find this razor a little complicated and in particularly to...

Date Added: 09/13/2012 by Rafael
How put the blades? the video doesn´t work...

Date Added: 09/09/2012 by Andrea
Very light, gives a good shave. You have to get used to the blade installation procedure

Date Added: 05/21/2012 by Maxime
Simple and useful. Little tricky to put the blade out. Very cool ... For the price

Date Added: 05/13/2012 by Anthony
Fiddly and quite awkward to insert blades.But once you get used to it, it works fine.

Date Added: 05/01/2012 by Malcolm
A good, inexpensive intro to straight shaving.

Date Added: 04/04/2012 by john
very cheap product if you like using this it is then you should think about upgrading to a better ra...

Date Added: 03/22/2012 by Rabi
Good shavette. A bit difficult to put the blade, but it fits very well. It gives a pleasant shave.

Date Added: 02/11/2012 by Joshua
A well made razor at a great price. Watch the video on how to put the blade in. If you follow the in...

Date Added: 12/21/2011 by Larry W.(United States)
Like others have said it's a little tricky getting the blade in. I found a suggestion to run somethi...

Date Added: 11/27/2011 by DANEAL A(Singapore)
Good for the price but putting in the razor is a little troublesome

Date Added: 11/16/2011 by Troy T.(United States)
I've used just about every inexpensive 'Barber Razor' on the market... the Focus, Magic, Diane, Taiz...

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 August, 2010.